Monday, July 9, 2012

No crime, no time

As I read York's two newspapers recently, I found it interesting to note how former Rep. Steve Stetler's friends and political cronies/pals reacted to his guilty verdicts on conflict-of-interest, criminal conspiracy, and the felonies of theft.

Steve Chronister, president York County Commissioner, said Mr. Stetler is a "good man" but "I certainly don't second-guess the jury" and "just hope an innocent man wasn't charged." Come on, Mr. Chronister, you do not want to second guess the jury but it seems like you just did. Commissioner Chronister then noted that prisons are for criminals, and Mr. Stetler is not a criminal in his book. Then what is he? An innocent non-criminal felon? Get real.

York City Councilman Henry Nixon was "saddened" by the verdict. I can buy that description. It is sad, but he then goes on to state, "If he ever did anything it was to better his community." Who knowingly commits numerous felonies "for the betterment of his community"? The "election system" is at fault. Not Mr. Stetler, but the system. Maybe the system should have just looked the other way since he was only trying to help his community. How thoughtful of him, looking out for all his district voters.

Former York Mayor John Brenner called the verdict a "tragedy." It did not have to be a tragedy, he never should have committed the felonies. It is as simple as that. No crime, no time. Play it straight and you do not have to worry about going to jail.